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My philosophy in teaching statistics embraces the workshop style teaching process; “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” (Benjamin Franklin). Students become responsible for their own education. As an instructor, I view my role as a provider of contexts and opportunities which facilitate the learning process; creating an environment in which the students are freely able to think, engage, contribute, learn and take pride in their own work leaving aside the anxiety of making mistakes.

My efforts and resources are employed in a method guaranteed to benefit my students’ quest for knowledge in the most constructive manner. Students must be able to investigate, discuss, criticize and build mathematical and statistical facts. Rhodes, with its high quality of students and resources, is the ideal place in which to implement this model. Ideally I will instill in them an understanding and passion for statistics affording them the ability to apply this thinking process to their majors as well as future careers.

Technology: R is my program of choice for most statistical analyses and teaching.

Spring 2016 (Teaching Now)

Fall 2015

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Teaching Assistant

Math Help Center Assistant

High School Teacher